Online tests of Sign Language, Speechreading and Cognition

To assess language abilities and language development in deaf adults and children

To assess deaf signers where there are concerns about language impairment, brain injury, brain disease, stroke or dementia


This is an important resource for the Deaf community and families of deaf children enabling them to request assessment using accessible tests, normed on deaf people like themselves

Anonymous research using test data will contribute to future knowledge about deafness and language

Who can use the portal?

Suitably qualified professionals may use our tests to conduct assessments of deaf adults and children

Researchers may use our tests in their research studies

After applying for permission to use our tests, professionals and researchers may purchase tests

Individuals and families may request testing via an educational or healthcare professional

OR you can get an expert assessment via the DCAL Assessment Clinic

Who are we?

The tests were developed as part of our research at the Deafness, Cognition and Language Research Centre at University College London

DCAL is the largest research centre in Europe focused on sign linguistics, psychology and neuroscience. The centre brings together leading Deaf and hearing researchers to provide unique insights into language and thought, by studying deaf people’s communication and cognition

This work was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

Information for Deaf people, Participants and Parents Our tests are designed to be used by qualified professionals and researchers. If you wish to be tested, or to have your child assessed, please seek advice from a qualified professional who will be able to approach us to obtain permission and/or training to use the tests.

Examples of the professionals who may be able to use the assessments:

DCAL Assessment Clinic

Assessments by clinically qualified experts in deafness and sign language are available at DCAL.

We can provide communication, cognitive and psychology assessments of: