How To: Caseload

How do I remove someone from my Caseload?

To remove someone from your caseload:

  1. Open their Case
  2. Go to Actions
  3. Click Remove
  1. A popup will appear. Click OK

How do I cancel a Test?

To cancel a test:

  1. Open the person’s Case
  2. Go to the Test
  3. Find and click the symbol
  4. Click Cancel Test
  1. A popup will appear. Click OK

How do I change Case details?

To change a person's name or date of birth

  1. Go to the person's Case
  2. Go to Personal Info
  1. Click either Change Name or Change Date of Birth.
  2. A pop up box will appear. Change the relevant detail and click Update.

Note: This will not amend previously generated reports.

How do I delete a Test?

You cannot delete a Test once it has been taken.

The only way to remove this is to delete the entire Case.

What if I've entered demographics incorrectly?

Cancel the Test and start again. It is important that demographic information is correct as it could affect the Test Report.

You will not be able to reclaim your Tokens.