BSL Sentence Reproduction Test - COMING SOON

What is the SRT?

The BSL Sentence Reproduction Test (SRT) measures the ability of adults to repeat BSL sentences shown in video clips. The respondent has to exactly copy sign sentences of increasing length and grammatical complexity. Their responses are recorded. A webcam is required.

This test measures both sign language ability and working memory.

Who is the SRT suitable for?

Deaf or hearing adults who use, or are learning, British Sign Language

The BSL Sentence Reproduction Test (SRT) is for research, educational assessment or exploratory clinical purposes only. It has not yet been normed so cannot be used diagnostically.

  • It can be used to collect baseline and improvement data for people learning sign language.
  • It is a useful measure of British sign language fluency.
  • A tool for exploring acquired sign language or memory impairments in clinical settings.

Who can administer this test?

This test should be administered by researchers or professionals who are fluent users of British Sign Language.

The administrator enters respondent details and checks they have understood the online BSL instructions. The participant then completes the test independently. The administrator scores the webcam recordings of the respondent's signed sentences which are stored online in the DCAL Portal.

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Scoring from video

Use 'Review' mode to score video responses. The test report can be downloaded once all scores are entered.

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Data is generated in CSV format for easy import into your preferred data management software

Task data

A separate CSV file is generated for each participant. Each contains the raw data including the order in which the items were presented, the correct answer for each item, the answer chosen by the participant, and the accuracy score, 1 or 0.

Accuracy data

One mark is awarded for each correct answer.

For questions related to this test, please contact the task owner, Kearsy Cormier.