Clinical Assessment

Clinical Assessment by qualified experts experts in deafness and sign language are available at DCAL.

Find more information on the UCL Website here.

We can provide communication, cognition and psychology assessments of:

  • Deaf sign language users
  • Deaf children who do not appear to be making progress with either spoken or sign language
  • Deaf children and adults with additional disabilities, e.g. people with Usher Syndrome, cerebral palsy, learning difficulties
  • Deaf people who have had a stroke or head injury
  • Deaf people with Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis or another brain condition
  • Older Deaf people who are concerned about changes in their memory or thinking skills
  • Deaf people who have recently arrived in the UK and who have limited communication abilities
  • Deaf people with persistent reading difficulties who may have dyslexia
  • Learning disability
  • Other difficulties - please contact us to discuss your requirements
  • DCAL Assessment Clinic

    Members of the DCAL team work with UCL Partners Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN), Queen's Square, London, to provide a National Cognitive Disorders Clinic for Deaf patients.

    DCAL colleagues also provide input to the Sign Language Assessment Clinic at the Roberta Williams Speech and Language Therapy Centre at City, University of London.